Adoptables. Destiny1027. [I’m selling these chibis on dA if anyone is interested]

Checking the Gruvia tag.

Sting using Natsu’s arrival as a distraction to welcome Yukino back to Sabertooth. The great banquet episode is going to be animated soon. *-*

StingYu Sketch. High School AU. 

Juvia Lockser with two pony tails. Drawn here.

I don’t know….I guess there isn’t going to be any StingYu week. I was really looking forward to it being organized but I think the idea was abandoned.

I had high hopes.


Juvia Lockser. Speed Sketch.

So Soft. Continuation of this post

Official Translation. vol 40. The Great Banquet.



I don’t want to mislead people so follow this blog at your own risk; Sting x Yukino is my guilty pleasure.For the past several months, all I’ve been drawing is mainly StingYu fanarts.