Goodness gracious! Your art is gorgeous, I'm so in love! Can I marry it?! <3 any chance you've considered drawing some miraxus? (;

Thank you dear sweet nonnie.

I drew some Miraxus in the past . HereHereHere, and Here,  [lol at the last one though…] I’m pretty neutral to Miraxus…tbh I don’t really know…. I only draw based on my feels.

Right now I’m trying to finish my WIPs, just crawled out of a mild case of art block and it really delayed my artworks.

Oh gosh! I just love all your fa art of sting! He definitely doesn't get as much as I'd like so see so, I'm super glad there are artists like you doing it, I //really// like your art a lot, a lot!


 Ah another Sting fan!!! Ah thanks, I’m glad you are enjoying my fanarts with Sting. Yup that’s why I draw lots of Sting, he deserves much love! <3

That Sting art, tho! It's perfect! <3 I can actually imagine Gray playing football/soccer. Will you be able to draw that as well? :D

I don’t appreciate you spamming my ask box with the same questions.

  • I had 10 repeats and then I’m assuming you’re the same anonymous who sent me another question because it was spammed as well.

If this keeps up I’ll just take off the anonymous option. 


Thanks though…I did draw Gray here. I like the idea of Gray being a football player. 

AU where Gray is a football player. Juvia attends every single one of his games like the good girlfriend she is.

Thanks! <3

Don't listen to rude anons! They are just mad because your Laxana picture was amazing and because their otp feels threatened. Keep being adorable <3

Thank you sweet nonnie. :)

StingYu Week 2014. Prompts.

  • December 1st - 7th
~Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars~

With the Sabertooth chapter: Welcome Home Frosch apparently being animated some time next month. I felt the need to bring this up.

Please be considerate. Shippers come to the StingYu, RoYu, Rokino tags to see positive posts about the pairing they like. 

If you disagree with a pairing please don’t tag it under the ship name.


          ~Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars~

First of all, I would like to say thank destiny-1027 for this amazing announcement banner.

Don’t hesitate to drop an ask if you have a question you want or need answered. We’ll be more than willing to answer them~

Here is the link to the StingXYukino-FC on deviant art.

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