"Your life is mine, right?" - Kagura. StingYu Day. Yukino running off with her  lover to go to Sabertooth.

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" - StingYu Day. Mafia AU. [x]

StingYu Day. Mafia AU.

His Boys Can Swim.  I can easily imagine Father to be Sting buying a shirt like that.. Yukino’s heart pocket says: Miracle In Progress.

Kiss. StingYu Day.

Yukino is going on a shopping spree and Sting catches her in surprise hug! StingYu Day. 2

Date. A Yukino to Sting moment.  I don’t think Sting would always be cool and collected when it comes to someone special like her. StingYu Day.

Illuminated. In the Celestial Spirit World, Yukino is using Libra to manipulate the gravity. StingYu Day. 

It’s StingYu Day! <3


July 30th. 

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